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Road Trip for Dev’s First Birthday


Divya and Ram are parents to a cute little boy, Dev. Earlier this year, on his first birthday, they decided to go on a road trip. Divya shares her experiences below and explains how it turned out to be a wonderful decision for the three of them!

Why did we choose to go on a road trip for our baby’s birthday?

Birthdays are best celebrated surrounded by family members. It’s an occasion none of the grandparents, close family and friends want to miss. But what would you do if your baby’s grandparents are unable to make it to your bub’s birthday due to some unavoidable issues. Faced by this dilemma, we instantly knew that a road trip is what we needed. Although having grandparents come along would have been a great idea too.

Both of us love to travel and the genes have passed on to our little one too. A trip would be a wonderful opportunity for the three of us to bond and also a great excuse to go far from our mundane routine for some time. However, there were a lot of things to think through and concerns to handle before we could finalize our decision.

How did we prepare for the road trip?

Dev had a fixed sleeping and feeding routine and I was worried that a road trip would bring an unpleasant change to his routine, especially since there would be a lot of traveling involved. It could cause him to become cranky on his special day which we did not want at all. So, I had to do a lot of planning to ensure that that wouldn’t happen. I made sure to stock some snacks, and formula just in case, baby pram and a car seat. Needless to say, we had to carry along some of his favorite toys to keep entertained too.

Dev loves traveling just like us. He is used to travel by car to our home town. But this time, as we were planning a 7 day road trip, it was hard to guess how he would behave. It was a risk we would have to take. We had thought that numerous stops would be needed to give him a break from continuous travel but he proved us wrong! He was much more energetic than us. Unbelievably, we drove with only one stop to our first destination… Yippee..☺

The weather, which is an important pre-requisite, was quite favorable too

Most importantly, the destination had to be baby friendly. Since we were going to stay for 7 Days in different cities, we had to enquire about the facilities especially the kids play area availability at the hotels where we were staying. Thankfully, the hotels had swimming pool & kids play area which proved to be a boon for us. Also, it was great that baby food like Kichidi, vegetable purees etc. was easily available

Our parents were also happy with our decision and with their blessings and good wishes we decided to Tour Rajasthan for 7 days to celebrate Dev’s birthday. His birthday was on 18th Jan so we left on 14th Jan. It was a wonderful decision as we were soon to find out.

List of baby stuff that we chose to carry along to make the trip a bit more easy

  1. Baby Stroller 
  2. Car Seat
  3. 2 Thermo flasks for hot and cold water
  4. Fruits like Banana, Apple, pear, grapes
  5. Snacks like potato / banana wafers, multigrain biscuits, and dry fruits namkeen.
  6. 2 set of clothes , 4-5 bloomers , sanitizer, milk bottle, water spout cup, baby feeding cutlery, minimum 5 Diapers and snacks in the diaper bag at all times.

All the preparations were in place but how did the road trip go?

It was a wonderful experience and we were so glad to not have gone the traditional birthday party route. Every parent should go for a road trip with their bub. Of course careful pre planning is required in order to avoid a stressful trip which would not be fun at all.

Much to our relief and just as we had hoped, Dev loved every bit of the trip. He was ecstatic to say the least. A happy baby makes happy parents. We were able to capture some lovely candid pictures too.

We reached the Radisson Blu Palace Udaipur on 17th Jan and Dev was still happy by then. We talked to the hotel management to help us arrange a little celebration at the hotel room & the balcony area. The hotel also helped us in arranging the cake, props and decoration. We had a lovely time posing and cutting the cake.

All in all, it was a perfect road trip filled with beautiful memories with loved ones and strengthened family bonding. What else could we have asked for? We are sure that once he grows up, Dev will appreciate how we chose to celebrate his 1st birthday. He did get a great opportunity to discover a little bit of his surroundings instead of a regular birthday party.

Here is why I would recommend other parents to go for a road trip too

  • It is a fun and unique way of celebrating with your loved ones
  • You save a lot of money
  • You avoid the unnecessary stress of organizing a big party
  • You get an opportunity to travel if you are a travel junkie like us
  • People will do things for you that normally wouldn’t happen if you were traveling without kids
  • Traveling with your kids will definitely bring your family closer together

Do let us know what you think about Divya and Ram’s style of celebrating Dev’s first birthday in comments below.



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