Parenthood Stories

Do you remember the excitement that comes with becoming parents for the first time? All those months of waiting and then finally holding a tiny little bundle in your arms, carefully. It is a hard to describe feeling. Bringing your little baby home and watching your spick and span house turn into a playhouse in no time. Loving every moment of it and not bothering about the ‘mess’! Falling in love with the vibrant colours all over again. Witnessing a little baby taking those first steps. Parenting might be tough, but isn’t it sheer joy and the ultimate satisfaction to be able to nurture a life. This little baby stirring such sweetness into your life that you never even knew was possible.

My house now suddenly a home
Messy, colourful and bright
Never is it quiet anymore
Everything seems just right
So long we waited for you
Our lives changed forever
The moment we finally held you
Such sweetness imagined never
Your smile so pretty so real
That twinkle in your eyes
How blessed indeed to have you
Dear baby no words suffice

Sure, there are times, I want to bang my head against the wall but would I ever give this up for anything? Never! I love my perfectly messy home and the colourful crayon marks on the wall. This Messy, colourful and bright is home to my family.



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