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First Pre-Birthday Photoshoot


Her first birthday was just around the corner and we were brimming with excitement. The party hall, the caterer and the decorator had all been booked. The theme for the party had been decided. The photographer had been booked for the birthday and also for the pre-birthday photoshoot. Although, everything seemed to be on track, we still felt like we needed to add a little personal touch to this whole affair. It was as if we were mere spectators and everything else was being done by someone else.

As first time parents, we couldn’t contain our excitement. We were a bit skeptical about the pre-birthday photoshoot, though.

And that is when it hit us. We decided to do the pre birthday photoshoot on our own The photographer had been booked for two hours. Knowing our munchkin, we had been worrying crazy if two hours would be enough to get the kind of baby pics we wanted. Chloe had been sulking and was extremely moody those days. She was still a bit uncomfortable around strangers. Moreover, changing from one dress to another and posing continuously was going to be a challenge. We were sure that the photoshoot was going to be a nightmare and probably a waste of time and money. Doing it ourselves, we would have unlimited time and ample opportunity to shoot as per our little one’s convenience, mood and comfort level. It would be a win-win situation and so we got to work.

We got busy, preparing for the photoshoot

A weekend, we decided, would be best to execute the plan. Husband dusted his DSLR and tripod and looked up some cool ideas about baby pics and birthday photoshoot. Meanwhile, I pulled out her tutu, her best dresses and accessories from the closet. Some pearls, fairy wings, tiara, an umbrella, toys, balloons, pieces of fabric and we were all set with the props. Next we ordered a pink creamy cake. We decided not to shoot outside, since it was still a bit chilly. A good backdrop was all that was missing.

That is when the creative bug bit me and I got to some serious crafting. My mom and sister sent me some craft supplies to get me started. Soon I had birthday banners, cutouts, tissue pom poms, paper fans and stars curtains etc. adorning a wall of our living room. I was a little too pleased with my work. My joy knew no bounds when I saw how happy Chloe seemed with the decorations. She didn’t even try to pull it off until quite later!

It did not start so well

So the weekend arrived, and we eagerly waited for Chloe to wake up. Much to our dismay, she was not in a good mood when she did. Also, it was extra chilly that day. But we had to make it work since it was the only weekend we would have before the birthday. The heater was set to warm up the room. A laptop was propped on a chair to play her favorite rhymes to keep her happy and entertained for the entire duration.

Just as we had predicted, she screamed and cried through the entire thing. Our baby preferred staying naked over changing dresses. She refused to smile even when the both of us danced like monkeys around her. The photoshoot was interrupted by numerous cuddling and feeding sessions. It was a task to get her to smash the cake too. Three or four hours later, we were finally done and hoped that we had caught some good stuff on camera. Husband and I were dripping with sweat. Chloe, on the other hand, had calmed down by then and was happily playing with the props. No way, could we have pulled this off with a professional photographer in two hours without losing it.

All the chaos couldn’t stop us from having a lot of fun

Later, when we were looking at the pictures, we realized that this photoshoot had given the three of us a chance to bond in a beautiful manner. The photographer would have probably taken better pictures but our’s didn’t seem too bad either. There had been laughter and many sweet, happy moments amidst all that chaos and we awwed as we saw how cute the photos had turned out. Would you consider doing your baby’s birthday photoshoot all by yourself too?





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