Shopping for your Baby? Stop and Think before you Shop.


Who doesn’t like to go shopping, especially when it is for your infant. You get the opportunity to bring to life your version of that beautiful nursery filled with toys and gears. Nothing but the best for your darling. From visiting stores to browsing online, moms are really good at this stuff and many dads love to join in too. Same turned out to be the case with us.

A month before her birth, we bought for her a few sets of clothing and essentials. We had decided to wait until she was born for further shopping and were so proud of the restraint we had exhibited despite the excitement bubbling within. Besides, our parents had already done a lot of shopping. So now we had tons of clothes, bottles, towels, mattresses, sheets etc. already.

Once she was home, our joy knew no bounds and we went overboard with our shopping and splurged like crazy. So much for restraint and wise decision making. A cradle, a rocker, a high chair, a potty seat… you name it and we have it. More than a year has passed and most of the stuff we bought remains untouched. The only thing we actually made good use of was the Infant to Toddler Rocker. That was money well spent. From letting her self soothe on the rocker to taking short naps on the inclined almost bed-like position, this rocker has been our best friend during the best and the worst times. Even now, it is appropriately being used as a fun chair for daughter and her dolls and toys.

I wish we had used the cradle cum swinger too. It was so pretty in pink and green floral print and being all fancy and musical, that I just couldn’t resist. Had I let my daughter explore the comfort of the cradle in the initial months, I might have saved myself a good many hours and a lot of energy while I was still healing. Now it is too small for her and she is too active to lay still enough to enjoy the  music and auto swinger without falling out. Can’t really blame her because all the travelling and confusion post delivery resulted in her getting more used to my lap than the cradle.

Now I have been trying quite hard to train my daughter to sit still in her high chair and enjoy her meals. She however, insists on not being still at all and eats as and when and wherever and however she fancies, which isn’t ideal. So the high chair is currently a purely fun accessory for daughter to climb up on and jump off from. I hope to be able to change that soon.

We had also bought a baby carrier. Unfortunately it wasn’t comfortable enough for any of us because, well.. daughter doesn’t like safety belts or anything that restricts her movement. That still lies unused and brand new. I wish we had tried it out though, but honestly, I was too tired to try. However, a good quality carrier is a must and so many mothers vouch for it. Another important ‘strapping’ gear we got was the car seat which we returned almost immediately due to similar issues. Maybe we could have tried harder with these two. I think we gave up too soon. We also had a pram that she never really got used to either.

Like I said, all we ever used was the rocker until she turned 1.

The list of stuff we bought is endless and I can go on and on about how useful or useless my shopping turned out to be, but that is not the point of this article. What was useful for us might not be useful for somebody else.

Honestly, what I have learned from all this is that nothing can prepare you for what is to come. No amount of reading and wanted or unsolicited parental advice can help you decide what you really need and what you can do without. The joy a newborn brings into our lives is immense and sometimes makes it hard for ecstatic moms and dads like us to not spend every single penny on whatever has a baby prefixed to it. It would be wiser to cart it but wait and assess your current requirements before buying is all I would suggest. The money you save now will probably come in handy later and put to much better use. Easier said than done though.



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