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Normal Back Pain Vs Slipped Disc


Sumera and Rohit were two strangers with a common goal in life. Little did they know that the pursuit of this common goal would bring them together and eventually make them fall for each other. Hand in hand, they achieved their goal and also crossed all social and religious hurdles in order to find a way to be together. It was a path filled with numerous roadblocks, but their love and determination saw them through all that.

Soon, they welcomed a healthy and beautiful baby girl, Areesha into their lives. Although her pregnancy hadn’t been easy, a glance at her adorable baby was enough to make her leave all that in the past. Finally, life was filled with love, laughter and fun and seemed to be on track. While she was still recuperating and learning to be a mother, life had other difficult plans in store for her. Her health issues resurfaced with a bang. Severe back pain and slipped disc prevented her from even being able to lift her baby in her arms, let alone do anything else for her.

Sumera and I have known each other since nursery and our friendship has stood the test of time. Although I was aware of her situation, when I decided to ask her to share some more details about her back pain for the purpose of this article, I was stunned to find out how much she had endured all this while!

How and when did this back pain start?

I was experiencing intense back pain during pregnancy that was shrugged off by my gynaecologist as normal pregnancy related pain without proper tests. The disc had already slipped from it’s position at that time. Later, post delivery, as I bent down to pick up Areesha from her cot, I realized that I couldn’t move. This was on 4th Feb 2016 and I will never forget that day. That is the day I came to know about the extent of the damage to my spine. My orthopedic informed me that the dual slip disc could have been prevented had it been correctly diagnosed at the time of my pregnancy. This much damage could not have happened all of a sudden. My whole spine got affected. Cervical is painful and the four vertebrae in the thoracic region are on the verge of joining together.

What is the cure for this slipped disc problem?

The pain will be there for life. There are painkillers I can take as and when required. I do have to go for physiotherapy thrice a week. Even though I am better now, yet a lot has changed. There are many things I cannot do anymore, such as bending down, or lifting heavy stuff, sitting or walking for too long, climbing stairs. Going to the gym is a big no-no too. The gym was where I met this wonderful man who I am married to now. So, it hits a little harder.

How did you manage taking care of your new baby along with your back pain and slipped disc?

It was a very difficult time for me and my family. Like I said, I have been blessed with a husband who did everything for me when I was bedridden and never seemed to grow tired of it. From making endless trips to the doctors and labs to tying my support belts he has been my pillar of strength throughout. We had been married only a year at the time and I couldn’t believe how he stood by me and never had any second thoughts. This whole thing was also financially draining but he managed everything perfectly. He has been a wonderful father to Areesha. I never even had to worry about her feeding or vaccination schedules. He was always there, ready with her milk bottles when it was time to feed her or to take her to the doctor for her shots.

My mother took over most of my responsibilities as Areesha’s mother. I am forever indebted to her for all that she has done for me. I don’t know how I would have managed without such a wonderful and strong family around.

What does Areesha understand about your health issues?

Areesha is the most loving and understanding baby girl. I wasn’t allowed to breastfeed her since I was on steroids. She was only 4 months old at the time and we had to switch to formula. She hardly recognized me as her mother since I could not spend much time with her. Almost everything was done either by my husband or my mom. It was quite later that she was made to understand that I was her mother and my mother was her naani not naani mumma. She understands that I cannot pick her up so she never insists that I do.

Do you have any regrets?

No, I don’t regret things in life. Everything happens for a reason and the reason is always good. This whole back pain and slipped disc episode has brought me so much closer to my family and made me realize how much I am loved. The only regret could be that I cannot go back to gym again. It was something I really loved.

What advice would you give to mommies suffering from excruciating back pain or a slipped disc?

If you are facing a similar problem, try to stay positive. Don’t get disheartened or lose hope. Make sure it gets diagnosed properly on time. There are many people facing much worse. I feel happy that atleast I was diagnosed and had wonderful people to take care of me and my baby.


Sumera, her incredible husband, Rohit and their cute daughter, Areesha make a beautiful family. I wish them a wonderful life together. Their story is inspiring on so many levels and I hope those in a similar situation can find hope reading this article.



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