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Planning to Visit a Newborn Baby?


Honestly, before I became a mother, I had no idea there were rules you were supposed to follow when visiting a newborn baby. I suppose, you realize the importance of these rules only when you become a parent yourself. Had someone asked me to consider these a year and half ago, I probably wouldn’t have paid much attention. But these are important. I urge all of you to read carefully and try to follow them for the sake of the newborn baby.

The birth of a child is indeed a joyous occasion and new parents love to show off their baby. But let’s not forget that these new parents are over cautious and sensitive people too. They are also probably either clueless or overburdened with a lot of unsolicited advice. Some may have zero help and would be sleep deprived and over tired too.

Few things to consider before visiting a newborn baby

Do not visit unannounced

It would be a great idea to call before you visit. The new parents are still getting used to their new schedule which probably involves waking through the night, trying to calm down their crying newborn baby. Visit them at their convenience not yours.

Help Out

Do not expect to be waited upon. Instead, help out the new parents. Ask them what they need help with. There would definitely be a lot you could help them out with.

Don’t stay too long

As happy as the parents would be to have you visit, they are exhausted and cannot be expected to entertain guests for too long. A
short visit would definitely be much appreciated.

Bring Food

Between managing the baby and heaps of other work, the parents would hardly be left with any time to cook. It would be great if you can carry good, fresh, homemade food for the parents. Even healthy food packages would be awesome.

Wash your hands before you pick the baby and please don’t kiss the baby

Babies are cute and it is natural that you would want to scoop them up and plant a kiss on their cheeks! For obvious reasons, please don’t do either. If you must touch the baby, wash your hands and use a sanitizer.

Avoid wearing heavy perfume

It is not uncommon for the new mom to not like strong fragrances post giving birth. Also, it is advisable not to have heavy fragrances around the baby, who is still getting used to the brand new world and all that comes with it.

Ask for the family’s permission before taking a picture

Most of us never think twice before taking a picture of the newborn. Let’s remember to ask the mom and dad if they are ok with it. Also, if they agree, make sure to turn off the camera flash, to avoid hurting the baby’s eyes.

Not too loud

If you enter to find the mom and newborn baby asleep, keep quiet. Let them sleep. You can wait until they wake up or plan a visit another time. Even if they are not asleep, it would be a good idea to speak softly and not laugh or talk too loud.

Postpone the visit if you are not feeling well

A newborn baby is vulnerable to a lot of diseases. If you are not feeling too well, it would be best to postpone the visit to avoid passing on the infection. Call and send a gift or a card instead.

Respect the mom and baby’s privacy

Is it time to feed the baby or change diapers? Did the mom hint at being uncomfortable doing either around you? Even if she didn’t, it would be best to leave the room for a few minutes.

Don’t take your children along

Children would obviously be excited. They may create more mess than you or the new parents can handle. Let the children stay back while you go and visit the baby.

No unsolicited advice

The parents would have probably done loads of research themselves or may have been showered with tons of unsolicited advice. Empathize but do not offer advice unless they specifically ask for it.

Don’t scare the new mommy and daddy

All parents have countless good and bad personal experiences to share. Some of these would be more of a nightmare to the new parents. Hold on to the stories until later.

Bring them useful gifts

If you are visiting the newborn at the hospital, keep in mind that they will have to bring the gifts home. So, small and relevant gifts would be more appropriate. Avoid flowers and big stuffed animals. Diapers, gift cards, healthy food hampers make great gifts.

Don’t forget the mama and papa

In our excitement to meet the newborn baby, we often neglect the new parents, especially the dad. Say nice things to them. You could carry a little gift for the parents too. Be the nice friend or relative they know you are.



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