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Top Pregnancy Myths Busted


When you are pregnant, you attract a lot of attention and pampering from your well wishers. For most women, pregnancy is a wonderful experience. Everybody is extra careful for the well being of the little one you are carrying. Even if you are the most logical person you know, you tend to think twice before dismissing any pregnancy advice as myth or superstition, wondering what if there were any ounce of truth in it. If you feel the same, then you must read on to see the most common pregnancy myths busted.

So, here we are with our list of top pregnancy myths busted for you. We will attempt to bust the myths and reveal the truth for you to be able to keep calm and peacefully enjoy your pregnancy. Do let us know if enjoyed having these pregnancy myths busted in comments.

The most famous Pregnancy Myths Busted : Baby Gender Predictor

Can you tell the gender of your baby by your belly size and shape?

The most famous one ever! While it is fun to guess, it is unfortunately not a very reliable method. On the other hand, an ultrasound would be a much more reliable source.

Since Indians can’t get their doctors to reveal the gender without breaking the law, we would suggest you stick to the harmless and fun belly shape guesswork as your baby gender predictor technique.

Here is how the legend goes… those carrying low are said to be carrying a boy and vice versa. Spoiler alert: Carrying high only means it is probably your first pregnancy or you have strong abdominal muscles and some other physiological factors.

There are other fun and untrue spin offs too..

  • Listening to the foetal heart rate. Higher the heart rate, more the chances of having a girl. It is not true.
  • Also, acne on the pregnant woman’s face, do not mean she is carrying a girl.

Is it true that you need to eat for two?

There is no evidence in support of this. While, it is true that pregnant women need to eat healthy and consume an extra 300 calories but not twice the amount of food!

Can consuming pineapple and papaya cause miscarriage?

Pineapple and ‘unripe’ papaya when consumed in large quantities can result in uterine contraction. Having them in moderation does not cause harm. Best would be if you follow a good diet plan during your pregnancy.

A helpful diet plan you could follow during pregnancy..

Another helpful diet plan

Would drinking saffron mixed with milk and consuming oranges make your baby fair?

Let us leave it at ‘Nope, entirely genetic’

Will butter and ghee help make the delivery smoother?

Smooth delivery would depend on a number of factors and ghee/butter unfortunately didn’t make it to that list.

Does spicy food induce labor or cause miscarriage?

Again, no evidence to support this. However, it may lead to heartburn for which you can get your doctor to prescribe an antacid.

Is consuming a little alcohol safe?

No, it isn’t and specially because we don’t know how much would be harmless. Alcohol consumption by pregnant mothers can result in higher chances of congenital disablities in their babies or even nerve and brain damage.

Does heartburn mean the baby will have a lot of hair?

Heartburn is common in most pregnancies. While there could be some connection between the two but not enough for us to say this is completely untrue! Heartburn usually happens when the stomach gets pushed by the growing foetus resulting in acid getting forced into the oesophagus. Another reason could be hormonal changes stopping the flow back of stomach acid into the oesophagus.

Should pregnant women avoid exercise?

Most moderate exercises are safe but it is best to check with your doctor or midwife if you are in doubt. Swimming and walking are usually recommended by doctors unless your case requires extra care.

Pregnant woman excercise

Some more info about exercising while pregnant

Is it unsafe to raise your hands during pregnancy?

It is safe and will not affect the umbilical cord. Best to check with your doctor/midwife on what exercises you should avoid.

Does morning sickness happens only in the morning?

Morning sickness is nausea and it can happen any time during the day due to hormonal changes. Although many women experience it in the morning, hence the name.

Can keeping my pet cat harm me during pregnancy?

It is safe as long as you are not directly handling your cat’s litter or faeces. Cat faeces can cause a disease called toxoplasmosis that can be harmful for you and your baby.

Should pregnant women avoid bathing regularly?

Please bathe and stay clean. Hygiene practices must be followed. Only thing that you should consider is not taking very hot showers to avoid harmful effects of the heat on your baby’s development. Warm showers are okay though.

Can sex during pregnancy cause miscarriage?

No, the baby would be safe and won’t be affected provided you are not putting too much pressure on your belly. However, your doctor may suggest you to avoid depending on any complications you may have.

Will my skin become radiant during pregnancy?

Thanks to the increased blood flow and hormonal changes, most pregnant women will find their skin pleasantly glowing. For some, not so much glow and more of acne and skin issues happen, which thankfully back off post delivery.

Can we avoid stretch marks?

No proof that creams or oils will work. Why not carry them with pride as a reminder of all the hardwork?

Do radiation and scanners at the airport harm the unborn? Should pregnant women avoid taking flights?

Avoid long flights i.e. over 5 hours and also if you are late in your pregnancy. Airlines sometimes avoid allowing air travel during late pregnancy to prevent labor on flight. Other than that, a healthy pregnant woman should have no cause for worry

Flying during pregnancy

Good to know info about flying while pregnant

We hope that this list of ‘Pregnancy Myths Busted’ has been of help to the expecting parents and also helped many of you clear some doubts you may have had. While most are old wives tales,7 some do seem to be true. Before you accept any advice, a little research or quick check with your doctor or midwife is advisable.

Did you enjoy having these Pregnancy Myths Busted for you? Do you have any other myths you would like to have busted? Share in comments below!

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